The Buzz

A collection of my favorite breweries (taprooms) and coffee shops by city and state.

Kettlehouse Brewery (both locations)- Missoula, Montana
Blackcoffee Roasting Company – Missoula, Montana
Taos Mesa Brewing- Taos, New Mexico
Love Muffin – Moab, Utah
Avery Brewing – Boulder, Colorado
Bumps & Grinds, Park City, Utah
Bitterroot Brewery – Hamilton, Montana
Alchemy Coffee – SLC, Utah
La Cumbre Brewing – Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Break Espresso – Missoula, Montana
Draught Works Brewery, Missoula, Montana
Great Northern Brewing Company – Whitefish, Montana
Sanitas Brewing – Boulder, Colorado
Moab Coffee Roasters – Moab, Utah
Kelly on the Gros Ventre – Kelly, Wyoming
Grand Teton Brewing – Victor, Idaho
Big Creek Coffee Roaster – Hamilton, Montana

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