Vacation Diet

We’ve all been there, done that. The love/hate thing that is the Vacation Diet.
For those not familiar with the Vacation Diet, it is when you embrace the fact that you are on vacation and you enjoy all of the food and drink that is around you wherever you’ve traveled to.

Some may try to avoid the Vacation Diet and continue to attempt to consume protein shakes for breakfast instead of a breakfast burrito when you’re in the heart of New Mexico or opt for a salad while at a BBQ joint in Kansas City.

If this sounds like you, please, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING.
Embrace the Vacation Diet.
Soon enough you’ll be back home exercising regularly, meal prepping, and not regretting ordering that amazing cheese board and bottle of wine you and your friend finished… before dinner.

Having just gotten back from spending five weeks on the road – I was able to successfully put together a Vacation Diet for three different states that coincide with recreational activities. It’s all about balance, right?

On the Road
Fuel Needed:
La Croix – variety of flavors, at least an 8-pack at all times
Annie’s Bunny Cookies (the GF Snickerdoodle flavor is the best)
Kettle Chips – Korean BBQ, Pepperoncini, Buffalo Bleu
Frequent stretching
Occasional short hikes en route- do your research ahead of time!


Lily’s first time to Colorado


Hiking pit stop in Fruita, CO

Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado
Fuel Needed:
Chips & Salsa
Homemade cookies
Ice Climbing
Heavy pack hiking in crampons
Snowshoeing in deep powder with your dog
Aggressive board & card game playing
Soaking in hot springs



Skiing in Big Sky, Montana
Fuel Needed:
Beer – lots
Water – even more
PB&J toast
Chips & Salsa
La Croix
Fries & Queso
Red Bull
Powder Skiing
Skiing and avoiding large hidden scree fields
XC Skiing
Playing pool after a lot of Coldsmoke


Smiles for powder.

Work trips to Sonora, CA & Reno, NV
Fuel Needed:
All the California wine you can get
Old fashioned donuts
Anything from Alicia’s Sugar Shack
Sonoma Brinery Pickles
Pizza & Frachos (fry nachos!) from Noble Pie
Bouldering in Columbia State Park
Ski Mt Rose
Climb at BaseCamp
Karaoke at Cal-Neva



Mt Rose with Erica!

The travel, food comas, lack of sleep, and physical activity will surely leave you a little run down on the days you’re behind the wheel. If you’re looking for a laugh, I highly recommend the podcast “My Dad Wrote A Porno”. A little humor goes a long way when you’re chipping away at a 8-12 hour drive.



Time to stay put for a little while…but I feel a desert trip coming on soon.

Have fun out there in the snow/dirt/rock – whatever makes you happy.


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