Travel & the Art of Dog Walking

It’s true, life changes when you get a dog – especially a puppy.
Since July when I picked up Lily, my routine changed forever – in the best way.

Changes to a routine can be hard, but if embraced the right way – doors will open to a new way of living.

The Art of Dog Walking by Kayla
– Wear your PJ’s and bring your coffee on the morning walk – It is liberating.
– Carry poop bags. Pick up after your dog. Don’t be a dick.
– Use walking as a training opportunity for your dog outside of the house.
– Have an adult beverage in hand for evening walks. You will be happy. Your dog will be happy. You will make friends with your neighbors. They will envy you.
– Use this opportunity to listen to podcasts or catch up on an audiobook. Dirtbag Diaries and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History are a couple of my favorites.
– Embrace the fact that you are getting additional exercise while fulfilling the need to be a good dog mom/dad.
-Enjoy being outside with your dog. Simple as that.


Lily & I on a morning jog.

We just made it back to Salt Lake from spending the last five weeks in California getting our fill of all the things we love about the fall.

I have been traveling almost non-stop since July. I never thought I’d say this, but I am tired and more than happy to be back home.

The BEST part about traveling, however, is the experience. In Lily’s five short, but lively, months on this earth, she has been to six states, hiked in six wilderness areas, and visited Grand Teton and Yosemite National Parks.

What will you see in the next five months? I know we are looking forward to them.

Highlights of this California trip:
– Wine in Murphys (always makes the list).
– Bouldering outside for the first time – BONUS being able to identify poison oak because it was everywhere.
– Puppy Training!
– June Lake Briefest.
– 10 mile hike to see the best sunset view of Half Dome – chips & wine in tow.
– Eastern Sierra fall foliage.
– 3rd tire blowout – in the middle of Yosemite.
– Lily’s first trip to a climbing gym and a brewery.
– First crack climb (ouch), first time climbing in Yosemite (yay!).
– Subaru hit 100,000 miles in Yosemite!

Some of my favorite moments:


Welcome to the Labyrinth


Lily at Pipeworks in Sacramento


Boozehound at Track 7 Brewing


Crystal Lake – Mammoth


Lundy Canyon


Burro Falls


Sunset view of Half Dome


My first crack


At 100k Miles


Upper Cathedral Lake – Where I fell in love with Yosemite a year ago


On top of our climb near June Lake, CA.


Sleepy Lily


Lily loves the Salt Flats.


Wolf T-Shirt Worthy

Soaking up the remaining days of my favorite season with sweaters, dog park visits, leg workouts, searching for soup recipes, and settling back into “book season”.

More fun to come. Enjoy!


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