Remedy in Miles

Since May, I’ve put upwards of 4,000 miles on my Subi. Needless to say – it explains my lack of presence on the blog. As always – I’m really good at getting everyone up to speed on my fast-paced, here-there-and-everywhere life.

After returning from California in May, summer started and life got a little busy.

It could have been that I started rock climbing. Or that I invested my time and money in this new, painful addiction that is mountain biking. Both climbing and mountain biking are amazing – to be fair – more on that later. As if I didn’t already have enough extra curricular activities to keep me busy, I made the decision and got myself a puppy. Lily, aka the Lily Monster, is my now 4 month old corgi/heeler pup that I adore.


A trip to California got squeezed in with a visit from Jory, my first sailing experience (capsized twice), and many miles of hiking with Lily.

Making it back to SLC for just a few days, I started off on my journey that I refer to as “The Wedding Road Trip”. 3 weeks. 3 Weddings. ReadySetGo. Of course I had a little fun planned in between.

The road trip started in Colorado. I had been planning to hike Elbert this summer and thought it would be great if my dad joined. 4700 foot elevation gain later, we summited the tallest 14er in Colorado, my dad bagged his first 14er, and we nursed our sore muscles with – Colorado beer of course.

The next day I was off to Estes Park for my first wedding of the trip. Brittany and Kyle’s wedding was fabulous. The storm parted for the ceremony, the sun came out the next day, and I headed into Rocky Mountain National Park. The next best thing to skiing after a night of drinking is a long hike – call me crazy.

Next, I headed North to South Dakota for my second wedding weekend. I played my first nine holes of golf, hiked the tallest peak in South Dakota (which is actually the tallest peak east of the Rockies until the Pyrenees in Spain!), and attended my good friend Claire’s wedding. A great week in the Black Hills.

Last, but not least, I started my journey south again towards Jackson for my third and final(beautiful) wedding of my good college friends, Mandy and Chase. Thankful for spending some time in the area before the festivities began, I checked off one of my dream hikes I had on my list for about 5 years. After the long, sweaty hike, we bathed in Jackson Lake, and woke up two days in a row to the Tetons staring us in the face. It doesn’t get much better than that.

After 3 weeks on the road & a 28 hour audiobook later, Lily and I made it back to SLC. In 5 days we squeezed in hikes, dog dates, climbing, & lots of laundry.

700 miles west of Salt Lake we have found ourselves back in California.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again – but I’ll do my best to not let so much time pass before my next post.

I aspire to get back to giving you recipes, my new favorite hikes, and my rankings of best gas station snacks (currently obsessed with Starbucks Refreshers & Brownie Bark if you must know…)

Until then – I’m trying to wrap my head around this dog-mom role, enjoying a break from my pedal wounded shins, & searching for my next favorite coffee shop (oh wait – I found it outside of Jackson!).

When in doubt, seek the remedy in miles.


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