Southern Utah Spring

I know, I know. I went on that hiatus I said that I wouldn’t go on again. But honestly I’ve been traveling and having too much fun. Please forgive me.

I want to share what I have been up to the last six weeks along with some delicious recipes I have whipped up while exploring new dishes throughout March and April. Here we go.

The first three weekends in March I was busy doing the annual (S)heJumps into the Canyon at Alta with the amazing non-profit, SheJumps. If I didn’t mention last year – SheJumps is a non-profit that focuses on getting girls, women, and in this case everyone, outdoors. Each year we bring teenagers from the Boys and Girls Club of the Salt Lake Valley up to Alta for four Saturdays skiing.

This year most of our kids had never skied in their life, which was awesome. Watching the kids progress week-by-week was so neat. While most of the volunteers are not ski-instructors by trade, I think we did a pretty stellar job going from the bunny hill to going off small jumps. Can’t wait until next year.


Two of our students at Alta


That one time Murph came to Alta and we celebrated St Patty’s Day with Car Bombs.

Since the end of March, I’ve made three trips to the desert aka Southern Utah. I was able to make it to so many new places that I can’t wait to return and explore more of. The best part about these 3 trips is that I was able to make them with friends and some of my oldest at that.

My best friend Melody came on her annual visit to Salt Lake at the end of March and we packed up the car and headed straight south which landed us in Bryce Canyon and Escalante National Monument. Here’s an album of our trip.


Fairyland- Bryce Canyon NP


Fairyland – Bryce Canyon NP


Camp Cooking


Zebra Slot – Escalante NM


Camp Life


China Wall – Bryce Canyon NP



Almost to Lower Calf Creek Falls – Escalante NM

I’m so thankful to have friends like her in my life. The ones that will always make the trip to visit and who are up for anything. Not to mention, her and I share a weird humor that not many understand – like me loving the stitched LDS Temple pillow she gave me for my birthday. Again, you may just never understand.

The following week I headed down to Moab to meet my old friend from Missoula, Cody for his first trip to Southern Utah. Although I showed him ‘the ropes’ of Moab repeating a lot of hikes that everyone should see, we were able to explore some new zones in Canyonlands which were amazing. Our trip recap is here:


The Joint – Canyonlands NP


Sunset in Arches


The Joint


Devils Castle – Canyonlands


Chesler Park – Canyonlands


CHEESIN’ TOO HARD at Corona Arch (told you I need to work on my GoPro skills)

I love showing people new places. Cody and I both love talking, hiking, and shooting the shit – it made for an amazing weekend. I think he’ll hike with me again even when we turned our 11 mile hike into a 16 miler by accident…

Side note, I recently got a GoPro and I’m a real amateur using it. Stay tuned for my progress. Right now I look like a total goon using it.

Finally, last week I made yet one more trip into the desert for my birthday weekend. I had been planning to go to Goblin Valley and the San Rafael Swell for weeks but the weather turned and had other plans for the tri-state region. Spencer, myself, and my roommate’s girlfriend’s (that’s a mouthful) puppy Remy made it down to St. George, Utah in attempt to escape the rain. We may have escaped the rain/snow, but the wind got the best of us. We were still able to explore some new areas and spend loads of time playing fetch and getting our fill of puppy snuggles. Recap of the weekend:


Remy’s first arch!


Cacti in bloom in Snow Canyon!


Kolob Canyon – Zion NP


Remy’s first camping adventure!

As promised, here are some of my favorite recipes that I made in the last month.

First, I can thank my friend Heather for getting me this recipe she’s been making for some time. I have made it this recipe several times now and I couldn’t be more happy to share, thanks again Heather!

Curried Chicken Salad

This recipe isn’t a recipe for those who need exact measures. It’s more about how much you’d like to make and your desired level of seasoning and texture. I’ll include the measurements I used.


Chicken breasts (1-2 breasts)
Carrots (1/2 cup chopped)
Celery (1/2 cup chopped
Broccoli (1/2-1 cup florets chopped)
Mayo (1/4 cup or more to taste – please note I really dislike mayo so you may need much more than this)
White wine vinegar (to taste/for consistency)
Curry powder (several tablespoons)
Hot sauce of your choice (I use Sriracha)
salt & pepper to season

scallions (optional)
craisins (optional)
slivered almonds (optional)

Saute chicken with desired amount of curry powder (1-2 tablespoons) let cool.
Chop carrots, celery, and broccoli. For the dressing combine mayo and vinegar to taste + more curry powder if desired + hot sauce + salt and pepper.

Combine all ingredients plus any other optional add ins. Enough plain, on a bed of lettuce, in a sandwich, or with crackers.


Last but not least this is a great vegetarian recipe that I found recently. I usually look for recipes that I can eat for multiple days that are healthy and filling. I stumbled upon this great recipe from Cookie and Kate.

Spicy Green Rice Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls

I highly suggest prepping what you can in the recipe for chopping vegetable and such especially if you plan on cooking this after work. Cooking rice and roasting vegetables take some time.

You could add any protein to this dish and make it great.


I’d like to say that it won’t be another month before I post again, but I think it’s best to not make any promises, but I’ll do my best. I accepted an offer that has given me an opportunity to go on another exciting adventure. In the next year I’ll be exploring more of California than I was able to before while I continue to check Utah destinations off my list as well.

There is a lot of love in the air this summer and I’ll be traveling around for several of my dear friends’ weddings.

I’m excited for what the summer has to bring. Get outside, do things with your friends, fire up the grill, and live a little.

Until next time…


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