ColoRADo, New Heights, & the PNW

So I’ve been on a hiatus. I apologize. But between working and having so much fun, I haven’t had much time to write, but here I am.

So let’s catch up:

From the Fourth of July on it was my goal to go on as many hikes as possible until fire season came into full swing and I was able to go out for work. So I started my peak-bagging spree.

Around the area I did:

1) Clayton Peak – Guardsman’s Pass
2) Peak 10420 – Guardsman’s Pass
3) The Pfeifferhorn – Little Cottonwood Canyon
4) Sunset Peak – Approach from Albion Basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
5) Jupiter Peak – Park City

Outside the area:
1) Gray’s Peak – 14,270
2) Torrey’s Peak- 14,267
Whoop! two more 14ers to add to the list and a new high elevation for me!

View of the Brighton Lakes from Sunset Peak.

View of the Brighton Lakes from Sunset Peak.

So let’s begin with the fact that every time I visit Colorado I remember how much I love that state and am stunned by it’s alpine beauty. That being said, I quickly remember how happy I am to not live in a bigger city than Salt Lake.

I had been planning this trip for about three months. I loved getting two 14ers in before even making it to Denver. Spent my first overnight in the Subi and started the climb at 5 am. The stunning beauty of the Colorado wildflowers, alpine basins, and stark peaks made the early morning trek rewarding and humbling. Something about being at such a high elevation becomes somewhat addicting. I am so happy to get a couple more 14ers under my belt after my first ascent last summer.

First light on Gray's and Torrey's. Stunning.

First light on Gray’s and Torrey’s. Stunning.

After making it to Denver, I was able to catch up with friends, stock up on my favorite Colorado beers, and get in a hike in the Flatirons which I’ve been dying to do for a few years now.

The main event finally came on Monday night.
Alt-J ∆ at Red Rocks. Dreams do come true.

The show was incredible and so was the company. Thankful to have my friends Olivia and Brittany with me for both of my Red Rocks experiences.

Fun fact: someone once saw my triangle tattoo on my wrist and asked me if I got that tattoo because I was that big of an Alt-J fan. At the time I laughed and was thankful someone didn’t think it was representative of a sorority… but now when I think about it, triangles are really my favorite shape and I do love the band. So I’ll take it.

My friends Brittany, Olivia, and I before Alt- J

My friends Brittany, Olivia, and I before Alt- J

My visit to the PNW was short, sweet, and very smokey. I was lucky enough to get called out on a fire just 40 miles from where I was born. Washington is so beautiful and I need to make it back for a hiking trip soon. Also, I didn’t bring my tent on this incident assuming (queue phrase about making assumptions) there would be a supply tent. This was my first time flying to a fire so I was trying to save room. Wrong choice. In the end I ended up with this beauty. Thankfully I can still fit in a kid’s size tent and that I have a good sense of humor. It became quite the joke on our team. Introducing: Foxy, the tent. Needless to say, I won’t be leaving a tent at home again, but I doubt this will be this hot pink tent’s last appearance.

Foxy Tent

After several days we were moved to a new fire down in Oregon just outside of Crater Lake National Park. I was given the opportunity to check out the park at the end of our roll. I was so excited to spend the week around the area learning about the history, experiencing new soil, and collecting some massive pinecones. Truly feeling at home among the very tall Sugar Pine trees, Oregon was a great time.

Crater Lake NP

Crater Lake NP

Oh and I bought my Snowbird pass for this coming season while I was out on a fire… under 100 days until winter. Can you believe it?

I’ll do a better job the next time I’m home long enough to update my blog. Vacation and fall (yikes!) are on the horizon. I can’t wait for ski movie season to start… too soon? Please don’t get upset… you all should be excited! Okay I’ll hush now since there are still a couple weeks of summer to be had.

Another summer, another year with minimal tan lines. Sigh.

Get out there and enjoy every ray of sunshine!


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